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egg Homes was formed by like-minded people with a shared desire to create stunning homes that care for the environment both now and in the future. We’re breaking the mould of conventional house building by setting new parameters for ecological efficiency. Our sustainable values are important to us and we’ve stuck to them even when its been challenging to do so. As a team, we have years of experience, knowledge and expertise in building and design: a successful combination which has resulted in these houses being truly unique.

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Sustainability to us isn’t just about the environmental elements of our houses and how we build them – its about the bigger picture. We’re using regional suppliers and traditional techniques carried out by local craftsmen wherever possible. We’ve even taken on a local apprentice who will follow a structured career path. Many of the materials we’ve chosen have local context and heritage, and we’re working with companies who uphold our ethics. Local mental health charity, Growing Well, are receiving financial and practical support from us too.

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Our mission is to create a collection of beautiful sustainable developments in picturesque locations. Viver Green, on the fringes of?the Lake District is our flagship site – it will set the benchmark for ecologically efficient construction and for healthy homes. We aim to continually evolve, using the latest techniques in sustainability and challenging current standards. For us, as a team of business people, home owners and parents, it is about leaving a legacy that we can be proud of.

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Introducing the Egg team.

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Partner, Director of Sales & Marketing

Chris Nelson

I've been a property advisor for over 15 years and this is one of the most exciting projects I've ever worked on. The sustainable ethos has really got under my skin and I'm determined to make every possible aspect of our company ecologically sound.

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Partner, Director of Construction

Ashley Reece

My dream for many years has been to create luxurious energy efficient family homes and to create a benchmark for sustainable housing. I'm passionate about the survival of traditional Cumbrian skills and seeing them sit side by side with modern energy saving technology.

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Partner & Financial Director

Matthew Eves

As an experienced finance advisor, I'm pleased to be involved in such a pioneering development. I'm known for my caution but the sustainable housing model really makes sense to me so I'm confident about expanding EGG Homes across the UK.

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Landscape Architect

Rachel Atkinson

Within an egg development, the design process always starts with the existing landscape. We identify where we can retain, enhance and create landscape features which will add both wildlife and social value to schemes. This inturn promotes a sense of well being to our residents and creates a valuable habitat for local wildlife.

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Design Architect

Graham Bywater

The Viver Green Development by egg Homes is easily the most exciting project I have been involved with in over 30 years of designing in the residential market.
Their innovative approach, attention to design, detail combined with a strong sustainable and eco ethic is a blast of fresh air.

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A Bit About Us

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For us, the EGG House is about leaving a lasting legacy – family homes that are continually pushing the boundaries of sustainable living.Our brand centres on nurture, on creating a protective shell in which to grow and flourish. We aim to exceed current standards for sustainability, to set a precedent for how developers should work in harmony with the natural landscape and support the local community. We are an evolving company – constantly measuring, reviewing and keeping ahead of the game.